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"Really love your face masks - bought the dark one. Have just ordered some more of the filters - nice product and beautifully soft to wear."

  • Lesley

"I bought two of your masks a few weeks ago, for my sister and I, and we have been delighted with them, especially the adjustable straps, for we are both of small stature. They are very comfortable to wear, and I have on occasion forgotten that I was wearing it. I have found your company very friendly and efficient to use, and really appreciate your sustainable product."

  • Elizabeth

"Not only am I pleased with the friendly, professional and prompt service I have received from you, I am also extremely pleased with the mask I purchased from you. I wore it on a 40 minute journey to visit my parents whom I had not seen for months, it gave me peace of mind and is made of lovely soft fabric which was comfortable to wear. The fit was impressive, I am of petite frame and had found that a mask I had previously purchased from a famous company for the same cost to be far too big for my face with stitching scratching my skin under one eye therefore could not wear it. Your product however is the opposite, with a really good comfortable snug fit, in fact I chose your mask because it had adjustable straps and stated on your site that it had been worn by a child, so I thought I would give it a go. I was not disappointed! Thank you for producing a wonderful good quality mask. WELL DONE!"

  • Rosemarie

"We’ve just tried on our masks.  They’re really comfortable , well-designed and made. Extremely pleased.  I chose them also because they use recycled materials and are made in the U.K.  - a win win."

  • Alison

"Thank you for the quick supply of my masks and filters. Really pleased with the quality and service you have provided. I can feel the difference in the material used against the paper ones that I have been using up to now. I will wear Thyra masks with confidence and recommend them to everyone."

  • Valerie

"My husband used his mask today for work and he is really happy with it. He said it was comfortable to wear and he was able to place his glasses on the bridge of his nose, over the mask, meaning they did not steam up. May not seem a lot but a big plus, believe me! Your service has been exceptional and we are very happy to have purchased from you."

  • Carole

"Thank you Thyra for my mask. Great breathability and comfort. Proper filter which can be replaced. Can’t wait to try it in the traffic or on a windy day on the beach without all that sand ending up in my mouth."

  • Alex

"At last a decent mask!

Super comfortable and stylish!

And screams eco!"

  • Rachel

"The mask is quite different from wearing a cotton mask. It is stretchy and sits close around my face, and it is REALLY soft! No more grating on my chin and nose. I found it easy to wear for a longer time."

  • Tom

"This mask was a good find. It is very comfortable to wear, and I have been looking for a mask with a proper filter because I have to go on the Tube every day. The filter is quite soft and a little fiddly to put in the mask."

  • John

"Really comfortable, breathable face mask: This face mask is extremely comfortable, much better than others I have tried on. The material fits really well around my face without feeling claustrophibic. It's very breathable. Also like the eco-credentials of the materials and packaging. Would recommend!"

  • Anna

"Be Safe! High quality that will not fail you. I will wear mine when meeting others, to be responsible during the process of reopening, and to help in ending the pandemic. It's so comfortable to wear.😷"

  • Mette

“ face mask is a great product, I wore it for hours in worm weather today, it was comfortable and breathable.😷”

  • Zdravko

“Thanks to high breathability and high efficiency filter of the THYRA Ltd face mask I was able to walk around the city for hours without a desire to remove it. Bravo THYRA Ltd , we need more UK products like your model, pls continue with production, wish you a success.”

  • Thor

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